Applying for Advanced Parole in the United States

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Applying for Advanced Parole

If you are a foreign national residing in the United States—who has not yet obtained lawful permanent residence—and wish to temporarily travel abroad for a specific purpose, you may need to apply for advanced parole with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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What is Advanced Parole?

Advanced parole is a legal document that permits certain individuals who are otherwise not eligible for re-entry into the U.S. to return to the country after traveling abroad.

It is typically granted for humanitarian (such as visiting a sick relative), educational, or employment purposes. Advanced parole is not typically intended for leisure travel. If you depart the U.S. without obtaining advanced parole, you may not be able to return—even if you have a valid visa.

What are the Steps to Obtain Advanced Parole?


Determine eligibility

Before applying for advanced parole, you must ensure that you are eligible.

You can apply for advanced parole if you are an asylee, refugee, or someone who has been granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

You can also apply for advanced parole if you are an Adjustment of Status applicant who has not yet been granted permanent residence, DACA recipient, or are in another category that permits travel outside the U.S.

If you are unsure about your eligibility, consult with an immigration attorney at Sadek Law Offices today.


Gather documents

Once you have determined your eligibility, you will need to gather the necessary documents to support your application.

This may a copy of your passport, two passport-style photos, and any other documents that support your reason for traveling, such as proof of medical hardship, educational purpose, or work purpose.


Complete and file Application for Travel Document

After gathering the necessary documents, you can complete and file Form I-131 with USCIS.

It is very important to provide accurate information and follow all instructions when completing the application.

USCIS will review your application and may request additional information or documentation. If any information is incomplete or missing, USCIS may simply deny your application.


Attend biometrics appointment

After USCIS receives your application, they will schedule you for a biometrics appointment.

At this appointment, they will take your fingerprints, photograph, and signature for identification purposes.


Wait for approval

Once USCIS receives your biometrics, they will process your application and make a decision on whether to approve your advanced parole request.

If your application is approved, USCIS will issue a travel document that will allow you to travel outside the U.S. and re-enter upon your return.


Return to the U.S.

When you return to the U.S., present your travel document and other supporting documents to the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officer at the port of entry.

The immigration officer will inspect your documents and determine whether to admit you back into the country.

Note that the processing time for advanced parole applications can vary, so it is important to plan your travel accordingly and apply as early as possible. Additionally, USCIS may deny your application if they determine that you have not provided sufficient evidence to support your reason for traveling.

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Working With an Experienced Immigration Attorney

Advanced parole is a valuable option for foreign nationals who need to travel abroad for a specific purpose while residing in the U.S.

Working with an experienced immigration attorney will help ensure that you are eligible to apply, gather the necessary documents, complete and file Form I-131, and respond to any requests made by USCIS for additional information.

The I-131 Application for Travel Document comes with detailed instructions; however, it is always wise to involve a legal professional in the matter to ensure that your application stands every chance of being accepted rather than denied.

The immigration team at Sadek Law Offices is happy to provide a free case evaluation to determine what options are available to you. Schedule a consultation today!