Why You Should Never Pay a Collection Agency

why you should never pay a collection agency

Why Should You Never Pay a Debt Collection Agency? Navigating the murky waters of debt can be daunting, especially when collection agencies knock on your door. At Sadek Law, a leading Philadelphia bankruptcy law firm, we’ve seen firsthand the stress and confusion our clients face when dealing with collection agencies. There are many reasons why […]

3 Emerging Trends That Are Leading To Bankruptcy in 2023

emerging trends leading to bankruptcy

Although credit card debt, personal loan debt, and mortgage arrears are still the most common reasons for a bankruptcy filing, online gambling, dating scams, and failed debt consolidation plans are becoming increasingly prominent reasons for a potential bankruptcy filing.  In 2006 when Sadek Bankruptcy Law Offices began its practice of debt relief law; online gambling […]

Debt Negotiation – What are the advantages of working with a Debt Negotiation Attorney?

Philadelphia Debt Negotiation Attorney

Are you struggling to make minimum payments on your credit obligations? Are you facing relentless harassment calls from debt collectors? If you’re unsure how to alleviate your financial stress, you’re not alone. Hundreds of hard-working Philadelphians grapple with debt every day. Due to a relatively low average wage in the area, many still may not […]

What Can You Do If A Debt Collector Violates The FDCPA?

Debt Collector harassment

If you’re facing debt collector harassment, you’re not alone. It’s a widespread problem. Fortunately, there are things you can do to stop creditor harassment and protect your rights. The first step is understanding your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA is a federal law that protects consumers from certain types […]

Tax Resolution in New Jersey: Common IRS Tax Relief Programs

New Jersey Tax Resolution Attorney

Are you currently benefiting from an IRS tax relief program? If not, you’re missing out! Dealing with the IRS is scary for many, but some relief programs are out there to help shoulder the burden. If you’re behind on payments and wondering what to do, connecting with an IRS resolution attorney in New Jersey can […]

In Need of Debt Relief in Montgomery County? We Can Help You Find a Solution

Debt Relief Attorney

Do you have creditors blowing up your phone for a debt you owe? Are you struggling to keep up with your current obligations while trying to manage old debt? Trying to manage the debts you owe, in addition to trying to keep your household afloat, is a problem that many Americans face every day. In […]

Debt Collection Harassment in New Jersey : Know Your Rights

New Jersey Debt Harassment Lawyer

Do you constantly receive countless phone calls from an unknown number or a debt collector claiming that you owe them? Did these people claim to be attorneys or claim that if you failed to pay them, they would sue you or threaten some other type of action? If so, you’ve experienced debt harassment. Under the […]

How a Philadelphia Attorney Can Help You Deal With Third Party Debt Collectors

Debt collection Attorney in Philadelphia

When a previous creditor of yours sells the debt to third-party debt collectors, that new company will do everything they can to seek payment from you. Some of these companies play by the rules, and they don’t harass you, but there are a few that try extreme tactics. If a debt collection agency has harassed […]

How Can a Debt Relief Attorney Help You Deal With a Job Loss?

How Can a Debt Relief Attorney Help You Deal With a Job Loss?

Did you know there are drawbacks to debt forgiveness in Philadelphia? For example, the creditor may forgive a chunk of your debt. That means federal income taxes could see it as taxable income. When life throws you a curve ball, knowing where to turn for help can be tricky. When you lose your job, it […]