Bankruptcy for Home Foreclosure in Philadelphia

Home Foreclosure Attorney in Philadelphia

In today’s challenging economic landscape, the threat of losing one’s home due to foreclosure is a distressing reality for many homeowners. If you’re facing the daunting prospect of foreclosure in Philadelphia, understanding how bankruptcy can play a pivotal role in this situation is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore the intersection of bankruptcy and home […]

How to Stop a Home Foreclosure Using Bankruptcy in Philadelphia

Home Foreclosure Attorney in Philadelphia

Are you struggling to make mortgage payments and facing the possibility of losing your home in Philadelphia? You’re not alone. Many homeowners in Philadelphia face foreclosure due to financial difficulties, job losses, or unexpected medical bills. Fortunately, filing for bankruptcy can help stop the foreclosure process and give you a fresh start. In this article, […]

How Can Bankruptcy Save My Home From Foreclosure in New Jersey?

Home Foreclosure Attorney New jersey

Foreclosure. It can be scary for your family to go through; unfortunately, it happens frequently in New Jersey.  In 2019, New Jersey led the nation in real estate foreclosure rate. Trenton and Atlantic City were two of the country’s highest metro area foreclosure rates.  So, what can you do about it? The answer is to […]

When Should You File Bankruptcy to Avoid Foreclosure in New Jersey?

New Jersey Foreclosure defense attorney

Did you know that New Jersey has the second largest foreclosure rate in the country? If you’re facing foreclosure, you’re likely researching everything you can do to prevent or delay it. For many people, the solution to this problem could lie in filing bankruptcy. But does bankruptcy help you avoid foreclosure? If you want to […]

Save Your Philadelphia Home: 6 Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Strategies

Home Foreclosure Defense Strategies

Did you know that Pennsylvania has the 20th highest foreclosure rate in the United States? In addition, Philadelphia county has the third-highest foreclosure rate in the state.  Are you facing a foreclosure on your home? While this can cause stress, you could save your home with the proper foreclosure defense.  If you’re ready to learn […]

Tax Foreclosure Attorney for Homeowners: Do You Really Need One and What to Expect?

Tax Foreclosure Lawyer

Are you currently facing foreclosure, and you need help with a property tax foreclosure defense? Do you need a tax foreclosure attorney, but you aren’t sure how to find one? If this sounds like something you are going through, you aren’t alone. In 2021, one in every 4,000 homes had a foreclosure filing in Pennsylvania. […]

How to stop an eviction from an apartment

When you file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it means that you are likely to see most – if not all – of your debt completely erased through the court system while halting the eviction process.

Foreclosures are ramping up as moratoriums end

While congress did extend the foreclosure moratorium on HUD, VA, and USDA loans through March 31 and FHFA foreclosures were postponed until February 28, many Pennsylvania families are discovering that it’s not enough. But the right foreclosure attorney can help these families find their footing .

Mortgage Modification: what you need to know

Whether it’s a change in jobs, lost wages due to the pandemic, or simply less money than one had budgeted for, mortgages can become overwhelming and leave homeowners drowning in debt and facing foreclosure. Thankfully, a mortgage modification can help!