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Our office understands the financial stress our clients endure. Therefore, in addition to reasonable legal fees, we offer a payment plan to all of our valued clients to make quality legal services most affordable.


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Chesterbrook, PA Foreclosure Defense

Are you facing the loss of your Chesterbrook home? In 2017, 1 in every 4,597 Chester County homes entered foreclosure. It’s hard to save a home without help. Fortunately, our Foreclosure defense attorney had helped many Chester County homeowners just like you enact the strategies that keep them out of foreclosure.

When should I seek help from a foreclosure defense attorney?

Ideally, you’d seek help the moment you know you’re falling behind. The faster we can get out in front of your foreclosure defense the more effective its likely to be. Once you start getting notices you’re in real trouble and should move quickly.

Remember, all our consultations are free. We offer affordable payment plans to all our foreclosure defense clients. We can help you save your home.

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Should I stay, or should I go?

When we’re talking about foreclosure defense when you’re having trouble paying your private mortgage, we’re really talking about one of two scenarios.

The first scenario is for homeowners who just want to keep a foreclosure off their credit report. They may need to buy some time, so they can sell the home and get out from under a bad mortgage deal. In this case, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the way to go.

The second scenario is for homeowners who want to stay in the family home. In this case, we may be looking at helping you get a mortgage modification or a pre-foreclosure forbearance plan. We can also help with state court foreclosure litigation.

Visit our mortgage foreclosure page to see how we can help with your legal matters.

What if I’m facing a tax foreclosure sale?

A tax foreclosure sale happens when you don’t pay your state or local property taxes. Chester County calculates property taxes using the millage rates. Though most people try to plan for their property taxes, rates do increase every year. It doesn’t take much of a rate increase to endanger the average homeowner’s ability to keep the home.

If you’re facing a tax foreclosure sale you do have rights. You just need the help of a skilled and strategic tax foreclosure defense lawyer who can help you select the right strategy for saving your home. We may never be able to get our lawmakers to create tax policies we all can live with, but you can at least rest easy knowing you’ve got an advocate in your corner.

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Don’t try to do it alone.

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