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South Jersey Foreclosure Lawyer

Have you missed mortgage payments on your home or commercial property in South Jersey? Has the bank or other lending institution holding your mortgage sent a Notice of Intent to foreclose on the property?

If you are facing foreclosure in South Jersey, you deserve a highly qualified South Jersey real estate lawyer to represent you against the bank and fight for your property. Sadek Bankruptcy Law Offices Law Offices is local firm in South Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania with an exceptional reputation for foreclosure defense, bankruptcy cases, and business bankruptcies.

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How Can You Fight Foreclosure?

In South Jersey, the bank is required to provide a Notice of Intent to the debtor, file a complaint in the proper court, and sell the property only at a public auction or sheriff’s sale. Despite the clear steps of this process, there are actually several ways to contest a bank’s foreclosure.

  1. Contest the case based on failure to follow procedure
  2. Argue the loan was unconscionable
  3. Prove the bank violated a provision of the loan agreements
  4. Negotiate for a short sale
  5. Fight for a delay of foreclosure sale or auction

When a South Jersey Foreclosure Lawyer Can Help?

There are several reasons to fight a foreclosure, in and out of court. In each instance that you decide to contest, fight, delay, or prevent a foreclosure – a South Jersey foreclosure lawyer can help.

Collect information. At Sadek Bankruptcy Law Offices Law Offices, our team of real estate and foreclosure lawyers located in South Jersey  are fully prepared to evaluate the facts and surrounding circumstances a Notice of Intent to foreclose. We review the mortgage documents, bank’s lending practices, and procedures leading to a possible foreclosure. We then use this information to negotiate with a lender or contest a foreclosure.

Representation in negotiations. In a mortgage foreclosure, it’s possible to approach the bank with an offer of settlement or loan modification. In some instance, a lender will find it more advantageous and far less time consuming to negotiate outside the courts.

Uphold your rights. Banks and other lenders can act aggressively and unreasonably during the foreclosure process. At times, the procedural elements aren’t respected by the bank or upheld. A South Jersey real estate lawyer can ensure notice, due process, and homeowner protections in South Jersey are upheld.

Win your case. Your best bet for defeating a mortgage or tax foreclosure is a South Jersey real estate lawyer with extensive knowledge about the applicable foreclosure laws and equal information on local courts. As Sadek Bankruptcy Law Offices Law Offices, we understand the combination of national knowledge and local commitment win cases.

Reaching Out to a South Jersey Lawyer?

If you are looking for resources and legal assistance fighting a foreclosure, you need a reliable South Jersey foreclosure lawyer. The accomplished lawyers at Sadek Bankruptcy Law Offices Law Offices in MoorestownCherry Hill , and Egg Harbor offices are prepared to provide such information and take your case.

Sadek Bankruptcy Law Offices Law Offices starts each client relationship through a free and confidential initial consultation.